Cosmetic raw materials


Cosmetic raw materials have many kinds of raw materials and different properties. According to the properties and uses of cosmetic materials, it can be divided into matrix materials and auxiliary materials. The former is a kind of main cosmetic raw materials, which occupies a large proportion in the cosmetics formula and plays a major role in the cosmetics. The latter is responsible for shaping, stabilizing, or giving color, fragrance, and other properties of cosmetics, which are used in small amounts but are extremely important in cosmetics formulations.


Cosmetic raw materials Features:

Universality: Any material that can clean, protect, nourish, treat and beautify the skin, hair, nails and other external organs of the human body can be selected.

Effectiveness: the selected ingredients should play a truly effective role in cosmetics.

Pertinence: there are many kinds of cosmetics, which should be selected according to the final effect of cosmetics.

Compatibility: cosmetic itself is a complex multi-component system, which requires good compatibility of raw materials in the complex system, so as to ensure the stability of the physical and chemical system of the system.

Particularity: some cosmetics have special functions and curative effects. They are realized by adding materials with special effects, which need to be selected according to special effects.

Timeliness of raw materials: cosmetics are not only daily necessities of life, but also consumer goods in line with the trend of The Times.