Elementary Substances:

Elementary substances can be divided into organic and inorganic elementary substances

Organic elementary substances can be divided into alkanes and their derivatives, alkenes and their derivatives, alkynes and derivatives, quinones, aldehydes, alcohols, ketones, phenols, ethers, anhydride, esters, organic acids, carboxylate, carbohydrates, Heterocyclic, nitrile, halogenated, amine acyl,

Other inorganic elementary substances can be divided into inorganic acids, inorganic bases, inorganic salts, oxides, simple substances, industrial gases and other kinds

Elementary substances is mainly applied in those fields as below:

The organic Elementary substances can be summarized as three main aspects:

1. production of raw materials for synthetic rubber, synthetic fibres, plastics and other polymeric chemical products, I. e., monomer for polymerization.

2. Other organic chemical industries including the raw material for fine chemical products.

3. Base on the nature of the product,elementary substances is used directly for some consumption such as solvent, refrigerant, antifreeze, heat carrier, gas absorbent, and anaesthetic, disinfectant, etc.

Inorganic elementary substances is a basic raw material, widely used, large demand. Its applications include papermaking, rubber, plastics, pesticides, feed additives, trace element fertilizers, space technology, mining, oil extraction, navigation, information industry in the field of high and new technology, electronics industry and various materials industries, It is also closely related to people's clothing, food, housing, transportation, light industry, environmental protection, transportation and so on.


Elementary substances Cautions:

1. Take elementary substances to achieve the three-no-principle: do not touch drugs by hand.

Don't put the nostrils into the container to smell the elementary substances, use your hand to gently incite at the mouth of the bottle, only a small amount of smell into the nostrils. When dumping, the label should turn toward the palm of the palm, lest corrode labe