Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients


Active pharmaceutical ingredients used for the production of various kinds of preparations, is an effective component of the preparation, which is prepared by chemical synthesis, plant extraction or biological technology for medicinal powder, crystallization, extract and other substances, but the patients can not be taken directly.

China is a major producer of Active pharmaceutical ingredients. In 2012, the output of API was 1 million 360 thousand tons, an increase of 9.05% over the same period last year, and output ranked first in the world. The benefit of scale benefit is due to the low cost and environmental pollution produced by China. At present, the cost advantage of industry development is not obvious when the price of our country is generally rising and the environmental management is constantly strengthened.

In the world, China's biggest competitor, India, is less than China in the scale of industry development, but has obvious advantages over China in cost advantage and industry development speed.

Active pharmaceutical ingredients Storage:

Avoid light (not transparent container package)

Airtight (prevent dust and foreign objects entering)

Seal (to prevent weathering, moisture absorption, volatilization or foreign body entry), sealing or sealing (preventing air and water intrusion and preventing pollution); in a cool place (not more than 20 degrees C)

Cool dark place (not more than 20 degrees C)

Cold (2~10 degrees C)

Normal temperature (10~30 degrees C)