1-Methoxy-2-propanol price cas 107-98-2

Unit Price: USD 1000.0000 / Metric Ton
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Min. Order: 1 Metric Ton
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Basic Info

Model No.: SY-107

Appearance: Liquid

Method of Application: Soil Treatment Agent

Usage: Selective

Composition: Organic

CAS:: 9032-42-2

Density: 1.28-1.30 G/cm3 (20℃)

Solubility: H2O: 20 Mg/mL, Soluble

Storage Temp.: Store Below +30°C.

Additional Info

Packaging: Bag

Transportation: Ocean,Land,Air

Port: Qingdao,Shanghai,Lianyungang

Product Description

1-Methoxy-2-propanol price cas 107-98-2

1-Methoxy-2-propanol price cas 107-98-2

Product Introduction: 

1-Methoxy-2-propanol as the liquid, m.p. - 97 ℃, 118 ~ 119 ℃, b.p. n20D 1.4030, 

relative density 0.9220, f.p. 33 ℃, insoluble in water, soluble in ether, chloroform and other organic solvents.

1-Methoxy-2-propanol property:
English name: 1-methoxy-2-propanol
English synonym: 1, 2-propyleneglycol-1-methyl ETHER;1 - Methoxy - 2 - hydroxypropane;

CAS no. : 107-98-2
Molecular formula: C4H10O2
Molecular weight: 90.12
EINECS no. : 203-539-1
Melting point: - 97 ° C
Boiling point: 118-119 ° C (lit.)
Density: 0.922 g/mL at 25 ° C (lit.)
Vapor density: 3.12 (vs air)
Vapor pressure: 10.9 mm Hg (25 ° C)
Index of refraction: n20/D 1.403(lit.)
Flash: 93 ° F
Storage conditions: Store at + 2 ° C to + 25 ° C.
Solubility :water: miscible
Characteristics: Liquid
Color: Colorless
PH: 4-7 (200 g/l, H2O, 20 ℃)
Explosive limit :1.7-11.5%(V)
Water solubility: soluble

1-Methoxy-2-propanol USES:
1.1-methoxyl-2-propanol is the intermediate of the herbicide isopropyl methachlor.
2. As solvent, dispersant or thinner, it is used in coating, ink, printing and dyeing, 

pesticide, cellulose, acrylate and other industries.
It can also be used as fuel antifreeze agent, cleaning agent, extraction agent, 

nonferrous metal concentrator, etc.
It can also be used as raw material for organic synthesis.
3. It is mainly used as an excellent solvent for nitrofiber, 

alkyd resin and phenolic resin modified by maleic anhydride, 

as an antifreeze for jet fuel and an additive for brake fluid, etc.;
Mainly used as solvent, dispersant and thinner, also used as fuel antifreeze, extraction agent.
4. As a solvent;
Dispersants or diluents are used in coatings, inks, printing and dyeing, 

pesticides, cellulose and acrylate industries.
It can also be used as fuel antifreeze agent, cleaning agent, 

extraction agent and nonferrous metal concentrator.
It can also be used as raw material for organic synthesis.

1-Methoxy-2-propanol Packing:
160L/DRUM or according to customer requirements.

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