Sodium tripolyphosphate with cas 7758-29-4

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Basic Info

Model No.: SY-7758

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Packaging: Packing: Kraft paper bags/plastic woven bags with PE inner. Net Weight: 25kgs/bag, can be loaded 25MT in a 20'FCL. Delivery Time: Shipped in 15 days after payment.

Productivity: 30000ton/month

Brand: Shenyu

Transportation: Ocean,Land,Air

Place of Origin: Shandong,China

Port: Qingdao,Tianjin,Shanghai

Product Description

 Sodium tripolyphosphate with cas 7758-29-4

Product Description:

Sodium tripolyphosphate is a detergent additive with excellent performance

and also the component with the largest amount in the production process of detergent.

Its functions are as follows:

Chelation of heavy metal ions: in the process of washing, 

heavy metal ions in water can be combined with detergent molecules to form insoluble metal salts,

so that the washing ability is reduced or even completely lost.
Therefore, chelating agents must be added to detergents to make

 the heavy metal ions contained in water harmless.
Sodium tripolyphosphate has a strong chelating effect on heavy metal ions, 

which can seal them up and eliminate the adverse effect on washing.

 Sodium tripolyphosphate with cas 7758-29-4

Sodium tripolyphosphate Details:

English name: Sodium tripolyphosphate
English synonyms: Sodium tripolyphosphate, 85%, tech.;Sodium tripolyphosphate, for analysis;
Sodium tripolyphosphate, tech. Gr., min. 85%.Sodium tripolyphosphate, tech., pure;
CAS no. : 7758-29-4
Molecular formula: Na5O10P3
Molecular weight: 367.86
EINECS no. : 231-838-7
Melting point: 622 ° C
Density: 2.52 g/cm3 (20 ℃)
Storage temperature: no restrictions.
Solubility: H2O: may be clear to modest hazy
Appearance: Powder/Solid
Color: White,
PH: 9.0 10.0 (25 ℃, 1% in H2O)
Water solubility: 20 g/100 mL (20 C)

Sodium tripolyphosphate Application:

1. As a highly effective soft water agent for cooling water treatment of power stations,

rolling stock, boilers and fertilizer plants.
It has a strong capacity for Ca2+ complexation, 

19.5g of calcium can be complexated per 100g. Moreover,

the chelation and adsorption and dispersion of SHMP destroy the normal growth process of

crystals such as calcium phosphate and prevent the formation of calcium phosphate scale.

The dosage of 0.5mg /L can prevent scaling up to 95% ~ 100%.
2. Tissue improver;Emulsifier;
Buffer;Chelating agent;
Stabilizing agent.Mainly for canned ham tenderization;
Soften the skins of beans in canned broad beans.
It can also be used as softener, pH regulator and thickener.
3. Used as soap synergist and prevent soap grease from separating out and frosting.
It has strong emulsifying effect on lubricating oil and fat and can be used to adjust the Ph value of buffer soap.
Industrial water softener.
Leather pretanning agent.
Dyeing AIDS.
Suspension used as dispersant in paint, kaolin, magnesium oxide, calcium carbonate and other industries.
Drilling mud dispersant.
Paper industry is used as an oil repellent.
4. Sodium tripolyphosphate is used in detergents as additives, soap synergetic agents

 and effective dispersants for suspension treatment of paints, 

kaolin, magnesium oxide, calcium carbonate and so on.
Edible grade sodium tripolyphosphate can be used as food improver

 and beverage clarifier for all kinds of fish products.

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Sodium tripolyphosphate

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Sodium tripolyphosphate

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