Calcium Citrate With Cas 813-94-5

Unit Price: USD 500.0000 / Metric Ton
Payment Type: L/C,T/T
Incoterm: FOB,CFR,CIF
Min. Order: 1 Metric Ton
Delivery Time: 10 Days

Basic Info

Model No.: SY-813-94-5

Appearance: Powder

Grade Standard: Industrial Grade

Name: Calcium Citrate

CAS:: 813-94-5

MF:: C12H10Ca3O14

MW:: 498.43

EINECS:: 212-391-7

Additional Info

Packaging: Bag

Transportation: Ocean,Land,Air

Port: Qingdao,SHANGHAI,Lianyungang

Product Description

Calcium Citrate With Cas 813-94-5 

Calcium citrate soluble in water (0.1 g / 100 ml, 25 ℃). Slightly hygroscopic. Heated to 100 ℃ losing water of crystallization. The ADI values are not specified in particular (FAO/WHO, 1994). Calcium citrate as food calcium fortifier, better absorption than inorganic calcium.
China stipulates that it can be used for cereal and its products, and the usage amount is 8-16g /kg in milk beverage and beverage is 1.8-3.6g /kg. Citric acid is food flavor acid complexing agent, can react with the calcium oxalate kidney bladder ureter stone bravery, generate soluble calcium citrate make smaller stones and disappear, can promote adipose decompose, keep the body acid-base balance.
Calcium Citrate Cas 813-94-5
Synonyms:1,2,3-Propanetricarboxylicacid,2-hydroxy-,calciumsalt(2:3) ;2,3-propanetricarboxylicacid,2-hydroxy-calciumsalt(2:3) ;acicontral ;citricacid,calciumsalt(2:3) ;citrical ;tribasiccalciumcitrate ;TRICALCIUM DICITRATE;citric acid sesquicalcium tetrahydrate
solubility 0.1 M HCl: 0.01 M at 20 °C, clear, colorless
Stability:Stable. Incompatible with strong oxidizing agents.

Food calcium fortifier, better absorption than inorganic calcium. Can be used to strengthen a variety of food, including baby formula food, juice, dairy products, solid drinks, sports drinks, milk, soy milk, health care products and cereal products. China stipulates that it can be used in grain and its products, and the usage amount is 8-16g /kg. It is 1.8-3.6g /kg in milk beverage and beverage.
Cationic calcium has the function of strengthening bones, strengthening teeth, reducing inflammation, relieving pain, maintaining the normal excitability of nerves and muscles, and treating allergic diseases.
Lack of calcium can easily lead to anorexia and anorexia in children. Not easy to fall asleep, easy to wake up, easy to catch a cold; Thinning hair; Mental retardation; Late toddlers, late teething or irregular teething; Paroxysmal diarrhea with abdominal pain; X or O legs; Chicken breast.
Lack of calcium also leads to poor concentration, fatigue, backache, low immunity, cavities or poor dental development. Pregnant and lactating women have weak cramps, joint pain, dizziness, anemia, prenatal hypertension syndrome, edema and insufficient milk secretion.
Calcium deficiency leads to the elderly senile skin itching, heel pain, lumbar cervical pain, tooth is loose, fall off, obvious bow-backed, height reduction, loss of appetite, digestive ulcer, much dream, insomnia, restlessness, irritability, etc.
According to the 2002 "Chinese residents of nutrition and health" survey, the Chinese lack calcium conditions are still very serious, residents daily intake of 391 mg calcium, only about 41% of the recommended dietary intake.
Citric acid is food flavor acid complexing agent, can promote fat decomposition, maintain the body acid base balance. Obese people to feel tired, because of body fat and blood lactic acid easy to increase and hoarding, so once lactic acid increased, fat will increase, and feel languid is lazy, listless and form a vicious circle. Citric acid can use lactic acid as energy again, so after ingesting citric acid, it can accelerate the decomposition of lactic acid, eliminate fatigue, activate the whole body, no longer feel limbs weakness. Citric acid intake can reduce the content of lactic acid in the body, make smooth conveying oxygen and nutrients throughout the body, to further enhance the body's ability to produce energy, produce to strength and power of the movement. Many famous athletes use citric acid to keep their bodies at their best.
Calcium citrate has anticoagulant effect and can prevent and treat hypertension and myocardial infarction. So people choose calcium to choose the first citrate system.

Chelating agent, buffer, tissue coagulant, calcium fortifier, emulsifying salt.

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