Potassium Sulphate with CAS 7778-80-5

Unit Price: USD 500.0000 / Metric Ton
Payment Type: L/C,T/T
Incoterm: FOB,CFR,CIF
Min. Order: 1 Metric Ton
Delivery Time: 10 Days

Basic Info

Model No.: SY-7757-79-1

Appearance: Powder

Grade Standard: Industrial Grade

CAS:: 7757-79-1


MW:: 101.1

EINECS:: 231-818-8

Melting Point:: 334 °C(lit.)

Density: 1.00 G/mL At 20 °C

Form: Powder

Color: White

Solubility: H2O: 1 M At 20 °C, Clear, Colorless

Water Solubility: 320 G/L (20 ºC)

Additional Info

Packaging: Bag

Transportation: Ocean,Land,Air

Port: Qingdao,SHANGHAI,Lianyungang

Product Description

Potassium Sulphate with CAS 7778-80-5

Potassium sulfate, refers to an important element of sulfur, potassium - containing non - chlorinated potassium fertilizer. The general content is 50% ~ 52%, S content is about 18%. Potassium sulphate is a colorless crystalline product. The appearance of agricultural potassium sulphate is mostly pale yellow. Potassium sulphate is a kind of water-soluble potassium fertilizer with low moisture absorbability, not easy to agglomerate, good physical properties and convenient application. Potassium sulphate is especially suitable for economic crops, such as tobacco, grape, beet, tea tree, potato, flax and various fruit trees. It is also the main material for the synthesis of chlorine-free nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. Potassium sulphate is chemically neutral and physiologically acidic fertilizer, suitable for a variety of soils (excluding flooded soils) and crops. When applied to soil, potassium ions can be directly absorbed by crops or adsorbed by soil colloids. The application of potassium sulphate to cruciferae crops and other crops that need more sulfur in the sodium-deficient soil is more effective.
Potassium Sulphate with CAS 7778-80-5
Melting point:1067°C
Boiling point:1689°C
Density 2.66
Flash point:1689°C
storage temp. Store at RT.
solubility H2O: 0.5 M at 20 °C, clear, colorless
form Very Fine Crystals or Powder
color White
PH5.5-7.5 (25℃, 0.5M in H2O)
Water Solubility 110 g/L (20 ºC)
Merck 14,7674

The main applications include serum protein biochemical test, catalyst for kjeldahl nitrogen, preparation of other potassium salt, fertilizer, medicine, preparation of glass, alum, etc.
It is the basic material for producing various kinds of potash, such as potassium carbonate and potassium persulphate. The glass industry is used as a clearing agent. The dye industry is used as an intermediate. Spices are used as additives in the spice industry. The pharmaceutical industry is also used as a laxative for the treatment of soluble barium salt poisoning. Potassium sulphate is commonly used in agriculture and contains 50% potassium oxide, commonly known as "white Gary" in Taiwan. In addition, potassium sulphate is also used in industry for glass, dye, spices, medicine, etc.

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