Sodium Nitroprusside Dihydrate With Cas 13755-38-9

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Incoterm: FOB,CFR,CIF
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Basic Info

Model No.: SY-13755-38-9

Form: Crystals

Color: Ruby Red

CAS:: 13755-38-9

MF:: C5H4FeN6Na2O3

MW:: 297.95

EINECS:: 238-373-9

Additional Info

Packaging: Bag

Transportation: Ocean,Land,Air

Port: Qingdao,SHANGHAI,Lianyungang

Product Description

Sodium Nitroprusside Dihydrate With Cas 13755-38-9

Sodium nitroferrocyanide, also known as nitroprusside, is a potent vasodilator for acute hypertension and for the generation of controlled hypotension during surgery, as well as for acute heart failure. The dihydrate of this product is a bright red transparent crystal with a density of 1.72. It is soluble in water and slightly soluble in ethanol. The aqueous solution is unstable.
Sodium Nitroprusside Dihydrate With Cas 13755-38-9
Density 1.72
storage temp. Store at RT.
solubility 400g/l (slow decomposition)
form Crystals
color Ruby red
PH5 (50g/l, H2O, 20℃)
Water Solubility Soluble in water. Slightly soluble ethanol.

It is mainly used for the determination of aldosterone, zinc, sulfur dioxide and alkali metal sulfide. Color analysis, urine test.

Sodium nitrate, general with dihydrate (Na2 [Fe (CN) 5 no] · 2 h2o) sold, it is bright red odourless tasteless solid or crystal, soluble in water, slightly soluble in alcohol, containing [Fe (CN) 5 no] anion, namely an iron atom and five cyano match a linear nitroso form eight surface shape complex ion. It belongs to the type of [Fe(CN)5L], and is a substitution product of ferrous cyanide (Fe(CN)6) or ferrocyanide (Fe(CN)6), which is quite rich in chemical properties. Its aqueous solution is unstable and can decompose gradually and turn green.
The red sodium salt is diamagnetic, and the (n-o) frequency appears at 1944cm, so the compound should contain Fe and NO. The iron atoms in the anion are located about 20pm above the plane formed by the four (-cn) planes, hence the deformation octahedral shape, the distance between fe-c is 190 plus or minus 5pm, and the distance between fe-n is 163 plus or minus 2pm. The electron spectra of nitrate solution and single crystal have also been studied, and a molecular orbital energy level diagram has been proposed for it. Although Fe (Ⅱ) on the degree of feedback CN is small, but the Fe (Ⅱ) are considered to be significant to the NO feedback. Mossbauer spectroscopy has shown that there is a high s electron density on the iron core, so it can be considered that the strong nucleation system makes the t2g electrons of iron out of the domain.
Solid is sensitive to light and can decompose easily to produce cyanide. The solution is unstable and tends to break down from brown to blue. The addition of alkali metal hydride (such as potassium hydroxide) precipitates iron hydroxide to form xanthoxine and sodium nitrate.
Nitroprusside and alkali reaction [Fe (CN) 5 no2] ion, react with ammonia to generate [Fe (CN) 5 (NH3)], the latter of iron for + Ⅰ oxidation state.
When barium ions in barium nitrate are precipitated by sulfuric acid, unstable H2 nitrate [Fe(CN)5NO] microsheet crystals can be obtained.
In addition to being used as drugs, sodium nitrate is also used as a chemical reagent for the determination of aldosterone, amine, alkali metal sulfide, zinc, sulfur dioxide, etc., and for chromatographic analysis.
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