Ammonium Phosphomolybdate With Cas 12026-66-3

Unit Price: USD 500.0000 / Metric Ton
Payment Type: L/C,T/T
Incoterm: FOB,CFR,CIF
Min. Order: 1 Metric Ton
Delivery Time: 10 Days

Basic Info

Model No.: SY-12026-66-3

Appearance: Powder

Grade Standard: Industrial Grade


CAS:: 12026-66-3

MF:: H12Mo12N3O40P

MW:: 1876.35

EINECS:: 234-714-0

Additional Info

Packaging: Bag

Transportation: Ocean,Land,Air

Port: Qingdao,SHANGHAI,Lianyungang

Product Description

Ammonium Phosphomolybdate With Cas 12026-66-3

Lustrous yellow monoclinal series of columnar crystals. Ammonium phosphomolybdate obtained from different methods contains different amounts and compositions of crystallinity water and different colors. The solubility in water is small and can be easily reduced to blue phosphor molybdenum blue. It can dissolve in alkali, ammonia and phosphoric acid. Dissolve in acetic acid, hydrogen peroxide, diphenylamine, turn blue. The colorless anhydrous ammonium phosphomolybdate crystal was obtained by the loss of crystallinity water in the vacuum dryer of sulfuric acid.
ammoniumphosphonolybdate ;Molybdate(3-),tetracosa-μ-oxododecaoxo[μ12-[phosphato(3-)-O:O:O:O`:O`:O`:O``:O``:O``:O```:O```:O```]]dodeca-,triammonium ;triammonium ;triammonium12-molybdophosphate ;AMMONIUM PHOSPHOMOLYBDATE;AMMONIUM DODECA-MOLYBDOPHOSPHATE;AMMONIUM 12-MOLYBDOPHOSPHATE;Ammonium phosphomolybdate triammonium

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